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Puppy Gender
Please do not submit a deposit until your application has been approved and we have instructed you that a puppy in the current litter is available for you. SELECT your puppy gender preference. Deposits are non-refundable.
POSH puppy deposit
ARRIVED 8/27/20
Female 1 Female 2 Male 1
9/3/2020 One Week Old
Male 3 Male 4
Little puppies are fragile. Mama dogs do their best to care for their newborns. Sometimes, tragedies happen. Sparkle inadvertently rolled over onto Male puppy #2 and he did not recover from the injuries. It was a sad first week forus.
Male 2
Rather than taking the puppies out for individual photos, I decided to just film them in their natural state in their whelping space. They looked so peaceful when I went to film them, that I felt badly distrubing them. Also, I thought you would like to see them in their comfy condition - which is how they appear all day long! Typically, with a larger litter, I can’t do this because I struggling keeping track whether I actually filmed every puppy. But, with these five little souls, it was easy. You just have to be willing to see your puppy sleeping next to its sibling - which, for me, is heart warming.
This is how they were arranged when I went to get them out for their photo shoot.