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Specifics for Purchase

1. Individual submits an application. 2. Application is reviewed and confirmation email sent. 3. Approved applicant is placed on the pick order list. 4. When the pregnancy is confirmed, a note will be sent to all approved applicants, asking if they want to acquire a puppy from the upcoming litter. 5. When the litter is born, the litter size along with our Service Dog client list and training schedule will dictate how many puppies will be offered to pet homes. The short list of folks who replied to the pregnancy announcement email, will be contacted. 6. Individuals on the list will be offered the opportunity to send a deposit within three days of notification of the litter arrival. 7. Puppy selection order will be based on receipt of application date (as long as the deposit is recieved within three days). If puppies remain available after all early applicants have had the opportunity to submit a deposit, then puppy selection order will be based on receipt of deposit, thereafter. 8. Puppies may leave our care at eight weeks of age. Deposits are not refundable. We will not accept more deposits than pet puppies available in a current litter, however in the event that a puppy of the specified gender becomes unavailable due to a health issue or other concern, that deposit is refundable or transferable to a future litter. No criterion other than gender is guaranteed (including, but not limited to coat color, coat type, eye color, nose color, size, marking pattern etc...) nor can any other criterion be used to request a return of deposit. If you are set on a specific puppy, it is prudent to submit an application early in the process. You will be able to see a photo of every puppy in the litter before you are offered the opportunity to submit a deposit. Photos will be updated approximately weekly on the Available page. Pet / companion puppies are $2000. The deposit is $500. At pick-up, the remainder due will be $1300. We prefer PayPal for deposits because it provides a quick turn-around time. We prefer check or cash for the remainder due. We will charge a $45 PayPal processing fee for remainder due paid via PayPal ($1545). Part of the proceeds go towards the raising and training of Service Dogs for disabled individuals.