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Health Screen Parents

Since many heritable conditions in dogs are the result of the puppy receiving two defective genes, one from each parent (in the case of a double recessive inheritance pattern), out-cross breeding can reduce the chance for a puppy to present with a condition that is only prevalent in one parent’s breed.  This is sometimes referred to as hybrid vigor.   Of course, some conditions exist in related breeds, or even across most breeds, such as defective hip conformation (hip dysplasia).  Not all heritable conditions are caused by a single gene.  That said, some defects cannot be controlled, even if they are heritable and diagnostic test exist.  For that reason, we expect our puppy buyers to be intelligently informed about the risks of acquiring a living creature, one which will never be fully duplicated again and which will be perfectly imperfect.  Our breeding dogs are tested for diseases for which there is a diagostic evaluation for conditions that are prevalent in the two breeds.

Highly Socialized

We come to the table with over 20 + years of breeding dogs for an intended purpose to a specific standard of performance.  This experience has provided us significant understanding about how to best care for a dam, how to participate in whelping for the best management of mother and pups, and how to raise puppies with the intention of giving them the best possible start in life.  Only then can each puppy reach its true potential.

Hypoallergenic?   Not.

In a study published in 2011 out of Henry Ford Hospital, breeds often described as hypoallergenic do not shed any less dog allergen into the homes in which they reside than other breeds.    While that work was done several years ago, some breeders of cross-poodle dogs continue to claim that their dogs are “hypoallergenic”.   The data do not support this claim and individuals with allergy to dog-specific allergen may not experience any different reaction to a poodle-hybrid dog than any other dog.   Fortunately, the actual percentage of people with dog- specific allergy is fairly low.


The size of an adult POSH can vary significantly because it is an initial cross between two unrelated breeds, both which have fairly wide size ranges.  Typically, a female will weigh between 50 and 60 pounds and a male will weigh between 60 and 75 pounds.

Specifics for Purchase

1.  Individual submits an application. 2.  Application is reviewed and confirmation email sent. 3.  Approved applicant is placed on the pick order list. 4.  When the litter is born, the litter size along with our Service Dog client list and training schedule will dictate how many puppies will be offered to pet homes. 5.  Individuals on the list will be offered the opportunity to send a deposit within three days of notification of the litter arrival.   For the folks who are already on the list that choose to send a deposit, puppy selection order will be based on receipt of application date (as long as the deposit is recieved within three days).   If puppies remain available after all early applicants have had the opportunity to submit a deposit, then puppy selection order will be based on receipt of deposit, thereafter. 6.  Depending upon the litter size, some puppies may be made available for selection shortly after birth.  Others may  not be offered until the litter has been evaluated at around seven weeks old. 8.  Puppies may leave our care at eight weeks of age.  9.  Older puppies may also become available as training progresses.  Email us if you are interested in an older puppy / young adult. Deposits are not refundable.  We will not accept more deposits than pet puppies available in a current litter, however in the event that a puppy of the specified gender becomes unavailable due to a health issue or other concern, that deposit is refundable or transferable to a future litter.   No criterion other than gender is guaranteed (including, but not limited to coat color, coat type, eye color, nose color, size, marking pattern etc...) nor can any other criterion be used to request a return of deposit.  If you are set on a specific puppy, it is prudent to submit an application early in the process.  You will be able to see a photo of every puppy in the litter before you are offered the opportunity to submit a deposit.  Photos will be updated approximately weekly on the Available page. Pet / companion puppies are $1700.   The deposit is $300.  At pick-up, the remainder due will be $1400.  We prefer PayPal for deposits because it provides a quick turn-around time.   We prefer cash or check for the remainder due.  We will charge a $44 PayPal processing fee for remainder due paid via PayPal ($1444). Part of the proceeds go towards the raising and training of Service Dogs for disabled individuals. Puppies will have been routinely wormed and have received their first vaccination (or more if they are placed after 12 weeks of age).  Because of our intention to produce highly functional Service Dogs, all puppies in the litter will have been well socialized to a variety of surfaces, noises, textures, toys, grooming and interaction with people. Our POSH puppies will have their tails docked.  For individuals who submit a deposit prior to birth age of 2 days old, a choice of leaving the tail natural (not docked) will be offered. We do not ship puppies.   We are located in central Illinois, a little over an hour from Lambert International Airport in St. Louis, Missouri.  We are about 3.5 hours from Chicago, 2.5 hours from Indianapolis, and around 4.5 hours from Nashville, TN and Kansas City, MO. We prefer that you come to pick up your puppy in person. Alternatively, you may fly in.  You may rent a vehicle and come to our location or we can meet you at or near the airport so that you can take the puppy home as “carry on” baggage.  Our fee to transport a puppy to the St. Louis airport and meet you there is $75. Directions to our location can be found at our Service Dog site.


Never a dull moment Training Service Dogs, maintaining our breeding dogs and raising puppies keeps us very busy. We accept visitors by appointment, but only once we have an approved application on file. Puppy visits may be arranged only after the puppies have turned six weeks old. Puppies may go home after 8 weeks of age.
Parent Dogs  Our potential breeding dogs are raised as companions in our home.   We feel that is the only way that we can assess their character and natural talents, ability to learn and possible shortcomings.    Because it is a labor-intensive endeavor, we can only produce a small number of Service Dog every year.  So, we do not keep a large kennel nor do we produce more than one or two litters of POSH puppies each year.
POSH puppy participates in children’s reading program as part of early socialization.
Children’s reading program at a local library
Sophie at 7months:  photo sent in by her new owners Wink at 4 months: photo sent in by his new owners Maggie at 7 months old: photo sent in by her new owner Dasha at 6 months: Raised and placed as a Service Dog Kato at 7 months Photo sent in by his new owners Daisy at 6 months Raised and placed as a Service Dog Daisy at 4 months Puppies from previous litters Ally at 8 months Photo sent in by her new owners Cash around a year old Photo sent in by his owners Cash one year old Photo sent in by his owner Dolly 5 months old Photo sent in by her owner Porter  Photo sent in by his new owners Lacey  Photo sent in by her owner Lola Photo sent in by her owner Wink  photo sent in by his owners Porter Photo sent in by his owner Marley  Photo sent in by his owner Lulu  Photo sent in by her owner Paisley Photo sent in by her owner Phoebe Photo sent in by her owner Maggie Photo sent in by her owner Lulu Photo sent in by her owner Lacey at 1 year old Photo sent in by her new owners