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Mollie & Iggy 2020 5/14/2020 FIVE Weeks Old
All Puppies in this litter have been reserved
Female 1 Reserved Female 2 Female 3 Reserved Reserved Female 4 MALE 1 Reserved Reserved MALE 2 Reserved MALE 3 Reserved MALE 4


Week Five = expanded whelping pen Puppies can move from the baby pool with shavings to an area on porcelain tile flooring with a blanket bed A ramp was added and they quickly learned how to negotiate it They almost immediatley figure out to potty in the shavings and eat, sleep and play in the extended area Softened dry kibble has been added to their canned, all-meat food, it’s no longer being warmed They are drinking fresh water which is always avaialble Today they were weighed, wormed and had their nails trimmed before the photo shoot
They are so dang cute! Here’s an extra few photos! Send me an email if you can’t figure out which puppy is which!