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Puppy Gender
Please do not submit a deposit until your application has been approved and we have instructed you that a puppy in the current litter is available for you. SELECT your puppy gender preference.  Deposits are non-refundable.      
Weekly Photos
Weekly Photos We strive to upload photos as close to weekly, as possible.   Sometimes, it’s a day or two early, other times it’s a few days late.  Please be patient.  We will update the photos.  There’s no need to send an email requesting new photos. We do our very best to be as prompt as possible.
Mama:  Mollie                         Daddy:  Iggy
Mollie whelping a puppy
Here’s the puppy
Mollie needs some time to relax and bond with her puppies.  New photos of each puppy will be posted on 9/27/18.
Puppy Deposit
F2 F1
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