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All breeds of dogs were originally created with INTENTION and a distinct purpose. People who acquired a dog took into consideration the breed character in order to best utilize the dog’s inherent aptitudes and trainable skills. We agree with that traditional philosophy when producing and acquiring puppies. Many of our Service Dog clients request a low-shedding breed, but there aren’t many options for folks who also require a dog of substance that is not too large to travel with in public, is highly trainable, easy to handle and reasonable in mind and spirit. We are not the first to create the cross of Old English Sheepdog to Poodle. Most people refer to them as “sheepadoodles.” But, we prefer to call them POSH dogs (Poodle Old-English Sheepdog Hybrid) because we do not believe that our mission is simply to create another doodle for the designer dog market place. We breed with Intention. Since we do not withhold every puppy in a litter for Service Dog work, we offer some of our highly socialized puppies to approved families as exceptional companions. Please use our application if you would like to contact us about acquiring one of our very special puppies.
We call them POSH Dogs (Poodle Old-English Sheepdog Hybrid) Posh: adj. smart, elegant, or exclusive sumptuously furnished or appointed; luxurious A working dog inside, they are stunningly beautiful outside.